Doz’s Newsletter №2

Enjoying the new Rick and Morty season, the joy of collage, and thinking about the influence of modernism on cartoon mouth shapes

Neel Dozome


© Neel Dozome

It is well past the middle of June.

A few of my recent stories over the last month have been:

A mega-piece that in its essence explains why a font setting of 72 points in a word processing software should result in text equivalent to 1 inch on a printed page. It took me over six months to research and traces Adobe PostScript back to the poetry of Cicero — an almost two thousand year period of history. As one commentator wrote: “So much text ^^.”

Readers were also interested in stories about the Unabomber’s weird techno-cultural war and why I think the hype about the Apple Vision may be bogus and derivative of a fantasy peddled by an Aerosmith video.

The uptick of hate against the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride was troubling and I wrote about what Pride Month means to me: a dweeby CIS Indian male.