Bhakti as typography

The Hong Kong inquest into the death of superstar Bruce Lee in 1973 required a professor of medicine to be flown in from London. This is the story of that man.

An old box of Equagesic tablets.

Edward Johnston’s diamond-shaped “tittle” and the origins of a classic typeface design

An antique Transport for London poster with advice on how to get to Wimbledon (prominently using the Johnston typeface).

Hint: His favourite genre were German YA cowboy novels

Relax. David Hockney can draw.

The drawing that Hockey did for the Piccadilly Circus tube station. It is yellow and purple, and the final S is not aligned, and looks like it is falling off.

Why politicians use multiple pens to sign landmark documents

Ready… Set… Pen.

Maggi Hambling’s tribute to Mary Wollstonecraft lit up a bleak winter with some social media pyrotechnics

Adrian Tomine returns with evolved art, humour like a razor and an eclectic mix of narcissism and self-loathing

Nike has shaken up a sport that was almost unchanged from the dawn of human civilisation


Quentin Tarantino cannot hide behind artistic freedom to disguise how basic his sense of aesthetics is

Neel Dozome

I write about type history and books culture, with a particular interest in graphic novels. Can almost do a hand stand.

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